Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome to my APUSH 2 BLOG

This blog is to help students to be able to "discuss" topics beyond the classroom and hopefully be beneficial to them when discussing current affairs, historical topics, and yes, with your writing. Keep in mind that this is to be an additional tool that helps you in this class and should NOT be considered something that was designed to create more work on you.

With that said, each student is expected to contribute to the conversation.  You will receive a quiz score for your contribution to each topic that is posted.  Each one of you must post an original post (your own thoughts and opinion) and you must comment on at least three (3) other fellow student's post - provide feedback - both positive and negative (respectful criticism, at all times).  Each one of you will be scored on the contribution you make and the responses you make to others' post.  Please note: responses to someone else's post does not include comments such as "nice post," "I fully agree," or any form like those.  Your responses must be insightful and thought out.

Keep in mind that at times, some of the topics can be controversial and it is extremely important that you always respect the opinions of others.  Any student that purposely belittles another student's post will be dealt with in accordance to school policy. The rule of thumb is: "Agree to Disagree."  All of us have the right to our opinions and just because you do not agree with someone else's point of view, does not make them "stupid" or "dumb." Present your arguments intelligently and your counter-arguments respectfully.

Proper grammar DOES COUNT and you need to write in complete sentences.

So, here we go on this new adventure in learning from each other - let's have fun with it, but at the same time, learn.

Good blogging!