Sunday, September 29, 2013

Is It Time For Another Party????

First, I'd like to say that I was really impressed with the great discussion from last week's post.  As stated in that post, the purpose wasn't to scare anyone about your future as an American adult (quickly approaching!!), but hopefully to make you aware of the reality and to get your great minds to working - for I honestly believe that there is a solution (like many of you) and that solution will have to come from your generation....I hope, for your sake, your children's sake and the future of our country.

That brings me to this week's blog topic.  Let me give you some information (or insight) before I pose the actual question.

For years, the American electorate has stated that they'd like to have a PRIMARY third party to select from; a party that could take on the "old guards of democracy," - the Democrats and the Republicans.  Yet, we have to ponder on the question of rather or not that is a viable and even more importantly, a realistic option?  The last time that the U.S. had a distinctive choice for a 3rd party was when a candidate ran in the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections - Ross Perot (oddly enough, this candidate warned about much of today's problems...).  During those perspective elections he was able to obtain a combined 30 million votes!

Since then, U.S. voters have become since the rise of a number of 3rd political parties; some of them have been fairly moderate, some have been extreme and of course, others down right bizarre.  As of 2012, the United States maintains five major political parties and a dozen other minor political parties (i.e., Modern Whig, Objectivists, Socialist Equality, etc.)

Yet, the question remains, would a 3rd PRIMARY party be electable?  The Americans Elect (founded in 2011) has gained some traction since former Republican Louisiana  governor and 2012 presidential candidate sought the party's nomination.  The Libertarian Party is also gathering popularity due to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, and so has the Constitution Party.

Although millions of Americans are calling for an alternative to the established two-party system, it seems that the alternatives lack the resources, historical success and possibly the moderation that those stubborn elephants and donkeys have.  Not only that, but with so much money and power the GOP and Democrats have, would a 3rd PRIMARY party have to become just as bad and powerful as the other two parties to survive?

Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota Governor once stated:

"I believe the system is so corrupt, the two parties have corupted it so bad, that any third party, in which to be successful, will likewise have to corrupt itself.  If you already have a two-headed monster, lwhy would you need three?"

Undoubtedly, there is a lot to consider when thinking about this topic.  Look back at history when third parties have tried to rise up (Populists, Greenback, etc) and how the two primary parties have always swallowed them up.

Therefore, this week's topic question is:
Even though millions may believe that a third party is needed, is it really a violable solution?  How would this effect our current election process?  Make sure you defend your point-of-view!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Runaway Train....

Take a minute and click on this link (it'll open in a separate window) - the United States Debt Clock.  Take a hard look, don't just give it a quick glance...really look at it for a minute or two.  A couple things that I want you to pay close attention to.

  1. At the top left hand side - the US National Debt number (quickly approaching $17 Trillion)
  2. Look at row on the clock that has, "Total US Interest (2013)", "Interest Per Citizen," and the real shocker, "US TOTAL DEBT" (That one is approaching $60 Trillion)
  3. Lastly, go to the bottom row and look at the figure for "US Unfunded Liabilities" (if you don't know what those are, or anything on the clock, just place your mouse over it and a pop-up box will appear at the top of the clock to give you a brief description).  That amount, is UNFUNDED, which means WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO COVER IT SO WE BORROW.....
Now you may be wondering why I have ask that you look at this (and I do mean LOOK at it!).  First, it isn't to scare the pants off of you (even though it does me), but to let you actually SEE what you are about to inherit when you turn 18 years old; for that is when you officially become adults, since that too is the age of which you can legally vote.  Secondly, in no way shape or form, did I have you look at this so we could toss about which political party is at fault; for regardless of which political party you may or may not be associated with, it really is a mute point at this juncture.  The sad reality is that we have a serious problem...a very serious problem.  It is true, that no country can really operate in today's world 100% debt free, but I think we'd all agree that likewise, a country cannot sustain this amount of crushing debt.

The truth is, the debt problem has become a runaway train and unless someone can come up with a REAL solution, we all know what happens to a runaway train.

So, this week's topic is...


Sunday, September 15, 2013

"America" - What does it mean today?

Welcome to your first blog of APUSH 2.  Just like last year, I expect some great conversations and awesome insight!!!  Not to mention, I know you just can't wait until we do the TERM GAME again this year!!!!  :-)

This week, we are going to be discussing what has become somewhat of a hot topic lately... the role of America in world politics and rather or not we should continue to be the "World's Policeman."  Surprisingly, the varying viewpoints on what "America" means today crosses political boundaries and you can find different viewpoints amongst Democrats, Republicans and even Libertarians.  As always, those viewpoints normally have to do with what part of the 3-prong spectrum (liberal, moderate, or conservative) the individual happens to belong to, yet according to a pole done by ABC News last week, it's pretty obvious the definition of America's role in world affairs has dramatically changed over the past 20 years.  Twenty years ago, most Americans still believed that we had a moral responsibility to be heavily involved with other countries affairs and they also believed that we, as a democratic republic, were the "shinning examples" for other countries - countries that looked up to the United States and respected our opinion and assistance.  That doesn't seem to be the case today - at least according to some.

TOPIC: In your opinion, what does "America" mean today?  Are we still "morally" obligated to get involved with other countries affairs - should we still be the "Policemen of the World"?